The work culture at ELDAAS is based on the fundamental belief that employees are its most important asset. Respect and genuine concern for each employee in the organisation is the basic principle on which the organisation functions. We believe that by giving mutual respect, recognition, trust, open communication, transparency and opportunities for growth, employees will perform to their fullest potential and will be sincere, dedicated and committed to their jobs.

Why should you work at ELDAAS? Here are four reasons you may want to….

Be an innovator

Whether you're fresh out of college, or an experienced professional, ELDAAS is the place to be. Here, you can cultivate your expertise, use your knowledge to the fullest extent, or re-invent yourself, without ever having to leave the company.

No Limits

At ELDAAS, innovation and creative thinking are not only welcomed, but also encouraged. We recognize the importance of providing an environment that inspires people to realize their full potential. Working with leading-edge technology, there will be no limits to the opportunity to be creative, grow your skills and knowledge, and build your career.

Build the career you want

ELDAAS has your long-term professional life in mind. What's your passion? Learn new skills, work across different disciplines or move into new challenges. It's possible with our award-winning, customized professional development and leadership training. On average, every ELDAAS employee takes advantage of more than 60 hours of training a year.

Work for a company you can be proud of

ELDAAS has defined itself not only through its products, technologies and services - but by its fundamental values. ELDAAS’s values serve as the foundation of our culture and brand, and ensure that we deliver innovations that matter for our company and the world.

What we stand for

We're passionate about success

We're always looking onward and upward. The future's an exciting place to be, and at ELDAAS we're absolutely, totally determined to get there just a little bit quicker.

We're innovative in our thinking

We can't stop playing with new possibilities. There's nothing that inspires us quite as much as fresh ideas - from the products and applications we design to the partnerships we nurture.

Responsive to customers

Here's the bottom line. We're committed to making a real difference to our customers' lives. We want to surprise and delight them in everything we do. And by listening to what our customers really want, we want to put a smile on their faces.


How we deliver results is as important as the results themselves. ELDAAS seeks to lead in workplace and marketplace integrity by respecting the human rights of everyone touched by our business, and by enforcing legal and financial compliance. These commitments are detailed in our integrity policy, which every employee supports with a signed pledge. They are further enabled by our process, which encourages any employee to report integrity concerns without fear of reprisal.

Work and Life Balance

In today’s competitive business environment, employees seek jobs that not only offer financial security, but also have autonomy, meaning and the opportunity for development and advancement. Employees also want time to pursue personal interests and enjoy time outside of the workplace. Responding to these needs is nothing new for ELDAAS. We’re committed to creating a supportive, flexible work environment while providing benefits and services that help ELDAAS employees in their lives outside of work.

Naturally, the passion that our people bring to their work extends to their own private worlds, and ELDAAS is committed to enabling a healthy balance between the two. ELDAAS encourages our people to meet their work commitments while balancing their own life responsibilities.

We recognize that having time to attend to and enjoy a personal life makes being productive at work far easier. So we also offer a suite of work-life programs to help our workforce stay engaged as they balance their career and personal lives. It’s an approach that results in satisfied and more productive employees, and provides us with a competitive advantage.

To support this balance, flexible work arrangements are an integral part of the way we conduct business. The Company also offers many programs and resources to support employees including financial management, family counseling and more.

To address these employee and business needs, ELDAAS has developed six flexibility principles:

The Enterprise doesn’t stop – In a Globally Integrated Enterprise, the enterprise never stops working. Somewhere in the world, ELDAAS employees are working on solutions for our clients. That does not mean all employees work 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Balancing of needs – Flexibility encompasses how, where and when work gets done and it is a tool for getting work done. ELDAAS is committed to providing its employees the greatest degree of flexibility while balancing the needs of our clients, our business, team effectiveness and the individual ELDAAS employee.

Trust and personal responsibility – Consistent with our core value of “trust and personal responsibility in all relationships”, ELDAAS expects managers and employees to make decisions, including those about flexibility options, consistent with this value and to demonstrate personal responsibility to ensure business commitments.

Range of options – Flexible work options are a vehicle for ELDAAS to meet the needs of our global clients and can be employee or management initiated however all options must be management approved. Open dialog is important to understand and secure support for the most flexible option, which may include varied work times, part-time, job-share, work from home, etc, depending on the needs of the business division, client or individual employee.

Understanding differences – Operating effectively in the “new world of work”, and in a Globally Integrated Enterprise, requires sensitivity to a broad range of differences. This requires every ELDAAS employees to exercise care and judgment to consider the needs of our global stakeholders — clients, colleagues, and the communities in which we operate. Each of us must take responsibility to explore, understand and reflect differences in culture, customs, time of day, holidays, language, business requirements, the personal needs of stakeholders and the impact of our decisions on business dealings. Careful inquiry and dialog is required as is the need to adapt and be flexible, as appropriate, to best meet the needs of everyone concerned: business, clients and employees.

Focus on results Work is something you do, not a place you go. Focus on results, setting goals and measuring performance. The new world of work provides an opportunity for an outstanding experience for ELDAAS employees and clients alike.

Recruiting Process

Candidate submits Resume/Find suitable resume(s) from job portal

  • Potential Candidate Submits an online Resume.
  • Find suitable resume(s) from job portal.
  • Resumes can also be sent by employee referral policy.li>

Resume enters database

  • The Resume is entered in ELDAAS’s Talent Pool/Database
  • Potential Candidate receives an email acknowledgement that your profile/resume has been successfully entered into our system.
  • Resumes are kept in ELDAAS’s database for approximately six months. Resumes are sorted and matched to various positions; you do not need to submit multiple resumes within that six-month time frame.

ELDAAS searches database

  • ELDAAS’s Talent Acquisition Team (TAT) will search the database on a daily basis when assigned to fill a particular position. If a candidate's profile/resume has all the required experience and educational background, the Recruiter identifies the resumes with the best match for the position requirements.

Recruiter reviews Resumes

  • The ELDAAS Recruiter reviews resumes that meet the search criteria in detail to identify which resumes appear to best match the position's requirements. The selected resumes are tagged with the job requisition number and sent to the Hiring manager for review.

Interviews scheduled

  • Interviews with the Business Units are scheduled
  • First round interview will be conducted via phone
  • Second round will be face-to-face
  • The candidates will usually have several interviews, each with a different member of the hiring team.
  • The decision is reached by considering the input from all members of the hiring team.

In the interview process also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about life at ELDAAS.

Background screening of selected candidates

  • The HR manager should co-ordinate background screening process with third party
  • Collection of all the input form third party after back ground verification
  • Hand over background screening report to clients or keep in ELDAAS database

Selected candidates contacted

  • The ELDAAS Recruiter and/or the Hiring Manager contacts the candidate who best meets the requirements for the position and offers them the job.
  • The written offer letter will include information such as start date, salary and relocation (when required).

We hope at this point that we have got everything covered….and we are looking forward to working with you.

Rewards and Recognition

Your contributions and exemplary performance are noticed, valued and recognized at ELDAAS. It adds to the sense of accomplishment and inspires everyone to reach for even higher goals. ELDAAS strives to provide competitive employee benefits packages in the regions and industries in which we have a presence. Our wide range of employee services benefit plans are designed to help eligible employees make the best decisions for themselves, their family, and their lifestyle.

You will find that we offer a range of recognition programs and awards that acknowledge individuals and teams for their outstanding achievements and service. These acknowledgements may take the form of cash awards or special recognition.

ELDAAS uses various tools to acknowledge outstanding performance. Among the employee awards and types of recognition we offer are these.

ELDAAS Best Employee Awards

Employees may be nominated to receive our highest honour, the ELDAAS Award, recognizing exceptional service, leadership, teamwork, or technical excellence. Each year, award winners, senior managers and the Board of Directors gather to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our employees. Many business units honour ELDAAS nominees and others on an annual basis.

Patents and Innovations

One of the dimensions that distinguishes your ELDAAS career is the opportunity to be at the leading edge of technical innovation. We are home to thousands of scientists and engineers who provide a tremendous breadth of intellectual property to us through their inventions, patents and other types of discoveries. Backed by a strong investment in research and development, ELDAAS employees are literally inventing the future for our customers and our world. In keeping with our philosophy of recognizing achievements, we reward employees for certain kinds of patents and innovations.

Monthly Recognition Awards

This recognition program is managed at the business unit level and used to reward extraordinary performance throughout the year. The Special Recognition Awards are for achievement by individuals and teams.

Spot Awards

Spot Awards allow the corporation to recognize exemplary performance relatively quickly. Spot Awards can be identified by different names at various locations. The awards range from cash, gift certificates and savings bonds.

Service Awards

In addition to the many award programs through which you may be recognized, you will be formally acknowledged every five years with a special gift that signifies your on-going service and dedication.

ELDAAS Technologies is committed to equal opportunity employment regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability or Vietnam Veteran status.

Job Centre

Let's get together. Explore current vacancies with ELDAAS by region and job type. Fine-tune your search to find the career opportunity that’s just right for you.

Join ELDAAS in creating the next generation of products and services that will impact the world for generations to come.


Job Title: 3G, 4G Cellular Certification Engineer

  • More than 5 years of experience in 2G/3G/4G Mobile Validation. Good understanding of Signal
  • Processing and Wireless Communication fundamentals
  • Good knowledge & working experience of 3G/WCDMA Layer 1/Baseband
  • Hands on experience on usage of NW simulators like Agilent8960, Anritsu8475A, Anritsu 8470C, R&S
  • CMW500, R&S CMU200, Racal6103, Anite SAT/SAS for testing
  • Ability to Develop Automation scenarios and tools using scripts
  • Excellent Programming and Debugging experience in C/C++ on Windows/Linux platform
  • Good experience in system integration, support & bug fixing activities
  • Fast learning curve with a high degree of commitment and ownership. Ability to work independently and minimal supervision
  • Good customer orientation

  • Mode:Permanent
  • Work Exp: 5 years minimum
  • CTC offered: According to market trends
  • Notice : period required Earliest
  • Job location: Hyderabad
  • No. of vacancies: 1


Job Title:Autosar, Configuration & Development

Davinci Configurator tool

  • ECU extract integration (Updates Required: MORE frequent : Depending on the addition and deletion of new messages as per the newer ECU extract received)
  • Configure Rx messages/signals callbacks
  • CDD file integration (Updates Required: MORE frequent : Depending on the addition and deletion of new Diagnostic DIDs / Routines / DTCs) includes DEM & DCM
  • BswM mode configurations (Updates Required: LESS frequent)
  • OS configurations (Updates Required: LESS frequent)
  • RTE configurations for created runnables in the SWCs (Updates Required: LESS frequent : depending on the newer runnbales introduced in SWCs)
  • Csm and Cry Configurations (Updates Required: LESS frequent : mostly nil, once security peripheral is working correctly)
  • SwcSumGm Configurations (Updates Required: MORE frequent : Depending on the addition and deletion of new MAC related messages)
  • SSC related NvM and Fee configurations (Updates Required: MORE frequent : Depending on the addition and deletion of new MAC related messages)
  • RTE configuration error fixing (Updates Required: MORE frequent : For every ECU extract integration , the ECU extract merging has to happen to avoid RTE related generation errors)
  • MCAL Integration
  • Validate all configurations

Davinci Developer tool

  • Creation of Application Software Component (Updates Required: LESS frequent : Most of the SWCs have already been defined and created)
  • Creation of Implementation Data Types (Updates Required: LESS frequent : Most of the Datatypes have already been defined and created)
  • Creation of Compu Methods (Updates Required: LESS frequent : Most of the Compu Methods have already been defined and created)
  • Creation of Application Port Interfaces (Updates Required: LESS frequent : Most of the Datatypes have already been defined and created)
  • SUM SSC related SWC creation (Updates Required: LESS frequent : Most of the SWCs related to the SSC have already been defined and created)
  • SSC configuration and corresponding port mapping (Updates Required: MORE frequent : Depending on the addition and deletion of new MAC related messages)
  • Data Mapping of Signals and Signal Groups to Application SWCs (Updates Required: MORE frequent : Depending on the addition and deletion of new messages as per the newer ECU extract integration)
  • RTE configuration for CAN, diagnostics (Updates Required: MORE frequent)

Other tasks

  • Ensure no build errors
  • Always use latest synergy copy, build and confirm no errors before starting the new DAVINCI work
  • Review and logically categorize the required tasks – ensure the dependable are end-to-end reviewed and sequentially done. Breakdown and simplifying to configure and proceed is important. Else debugging when there is an issue is extremely difficult
  • Always compare with previous version to check differences before check-in
  • Basic test for Rx and Tx message and address issues in configuration

  • Mode:Permanent
  • Work Exp: 3 to 7 yrs
  • CTC offered: According to market trends
  • Notice : period required Earliest
  • Job location: Bangalore
  • No. of vacancies: 1


Job Title:Embedded ‘C’ Engineer-CAN & Diag -

Job Responsibilities

  • Analyzing customer requirements
  • Converting Customer Requirements into Design and Code
  • Analysis and resolution of customer and internal reported issues
  • Prepare test specifications and plans
  • Conduct System testing
  • Helping in s/w integration activity

For 6 to 10 years’ Experience:

  • Manage the component as a SW project
  • Be responsible of on time delivery for every customer project where the component is needed
  • Ensure the technical content and quality of the component deliveries according to the defined Features/Functions list
  • Define the resources necessary to support a new project and work with EGMs to ensure that staffing
  • Manage risks on component Level
  • Plan and track activities according to customer projects milestones
  • Monitor and measure performance on component planning and progresses
  • Report and escalate issues in case of non achievable targets
  • Plan and track errors solving activities

Experience/Skill Requisites:

  • Experience in Automotive Infotainment
  • Experience in CAN/KWP2000 Diagnostics [Universal Diagnostics Specs],GMLAN, Vector Stack, AUTOSAR
  • Experience in handling System or Vehicle Powermoding
  • Experience in Embedded ‘C’, Automotive embedded microcontrollers domain [Renesas v850/ 78K0R]
  • Experience in Serial communication
  • Experience in S/w integration
  • Good analytical, problem solving skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Highly self-motivated and energetic

  • Mode:Permanent
  • Work Exp: 4 to 10 years
  • CTC offered: According to market trends
  • Notice : period required Earliest
  • Job location: Bangalore
  • No. of vacancies: 1


Job Title:Embedded ‘C’ Engineer-Power Moding

Job Responsibilities

  • Analyzing customer requirements
  • Converting Customer Requirements into Design and Code
  • Analysis and resolution of customer and internal reported issues
  • Prepare test specifications and plans
  • Conduct System testing
  • Helping in Software integration activity

Experience/Skill Requisites

  • Strong Experience in Linux/QNX BSP
  • Yocto project experience
  • Experience in Automotive Infotainment
  • Experience in handling System or Vehicle Powermoding
  • Experience in Embedded ‘C’,C++, Automotive embedded microcontrollers domain [Renesas controllers]
  • Experience in device driver implementation [UART/SCI/SPI/I2C]
  • Experience in Serial communication
  • Experience in S/w Integration
  • Good analytical, problem solving skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Highly self-motivated and energetic
  • MCALdevelopment experience

  • Mode:Permanent
  • Work Exp: 3 to 7 years
  • CTC offered: According to market trends
  • Notice : period required Earliest
  • Job location: Bangalore
  • No. of vacancies: 1


Job Title:Software Development Engineer

  • Automotive Protocols – CAN,LIN,I2C,SPI,Ethernet.
  • Low Lever Device Drivers, BSP software with Hardware Abstraction Layer(HAL)or MCAL Layer and RTOS experience is needed.
  • Automotive Micro Controller based on TriCore or QuadCore Architecture(16/32 bit).
  • Embedded system software development in C, assembly languages & SDLC
  • Very Good debugging skills including JTAG,Lauterbach,Logic Analyzer,Trace32 and PLS etc
  • Proven ability to work with standard lab equipment - oscilloscopes, logic analysers, power benches etc.
  • Good working knowledge on build environment (mak files, linker files etc )
  • Development and review of existing architecture, design specifications in development phases
  • Development and review of configuration, configuration template, module source files and configuration Management.
  • Modification or enhancement of artefacts according to change requests, defect analysis and supporting impact analysis
  • Participate in Estimation, WBS preparation
  • Contribute towards productivity, efficiency improvement in development activities
  • Ensuring each activities to follow Infineon defined standard process, guidelines and work instructions.
  • Good to have AUTOSAR,ISO 26262
  • Preferably from Automotive Chipset companies.

  • Mode:Permanent
  • Work Exp: 4 to 8 years
  • CTC offered: According to market trends
  • Notice : period required Earliest
  • Job location: Bangalore
  • No. of vacancies: 1


Job Title:Business Development Executive

Excellent communication and convincing skills

  • Sound knowledge in Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial automation Engineering
  • Hands on experience in presentation preparation and good presentation skills.
  • Good knowledge on Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial automation Industry and its trends.
  • Knowledge in software sales and marketing
  • Knowledge in Electronics systems development, Testing and manufacturing.
  • Knowledge in talent deployment and head hunting.
  • Knowledge in technical sales.
  • Experience in cold calling and lead generation

  • Mode:Permanent
  • Work Exp: 2 to 5 years
  • CTC offered: According to market trends
  • Notice : period required Earliest
  • Job location: Bangalore
  • No. of vacancies: 1


Job Title:Electronics Engineer

Primary skills

  • Analog, Digital (high speed) and Mixed signal design using controllers, processors, FPGA's and DSPs.
  • Multi- layer PCB design and development ( up to 16 layers)
  • Extensive experience in mentor graphics / allegro/ or Orcad schematic capture tool and CAD packages
  • Strong hardware design and PCB design fundamentals
  • Domain knowledge of Aerospace, Automotive, Energy and consumer market segments
  • EMI/ EMC qualification and design for production
  • PSPICE simulations and thermal analysis using Hyperlynx
  • Excellent technical documentation skills
  • Good exposure to MS office tools

Secondary skills

  • Embedded software skills in C and assembly
  • Fluent communication skills and Excellent interpersonal skills
  • PCB manufacturing experience
  • Should be self-motivated and team player


B.E/ B.Tech/ Diploma in electronics and communications/ electrical engineering

  • Mode:Permanent
  • Work Exp: 3 to 8 years
  • CTC offered: According to market trends
  • Notice : period required Earliest
  • Job location: Bangalore
  • No. of vacancies: 1


Job Title:FPGA

FPGA resource.

Xilinx experience, test bench development is preferred. No very particular about RF skill set domain. Even non-RF candidate but strong in FPGA design is fine.

  • HDL languages VHDL or Verilog
  • Preferred only experience on Xilinx FPGA and xiinx tools ISE or Vivado design suite, IP integrator and SDK
  • Should have good knowledge on HDL design and Test bench generation
  • Should have experience on Serdes, Ethernet, JESD204b, Gigabit transceiver
  • Basic knowldge of CPRI

  • Mode:Permanent
  • Work Exp: 1 to 5 years
  • CTC offered: According to market trends
  • Notice : period required Earliest
  • Job location: Bangalore
  • No. of vacancies: 1


Job Title: Executive – Accounts

Job Responsibilities

  • Hands on experience in Tally / ERP
  • Recording day to day business transactions in proper books of A/c
  • Looking for daily Transactions of Cash and Bank
  • Updating Day to day receipt vouchers in tally
  • Verification of Purchase invoice and booking in register and also in Tally
  • Updating Day to day payment vouchers in tally
  • Recording all daily incoming & outgoing business transactions in accounting software Tally. ERP-& shipping to the auditor for auditing purpose.
  • Preparing Bank Reconciliation statements
  • Preparing monthly TDS Computation-The amount of TDS that company deducts from consultants
  • Preparing eTDS return- Every quarterly filing of eTDS returns.
  • Preparing monthly service-tax computation-Service tax payble by the company
  • Preparing monthly VAT Computation-The amount of VAT that Company pays to vendors & receives from customers and summary of the VAT Payable under normal method
  • Generation and collection of E-Sugam and C-Forms
  • Budgetary analysis -Set the limit of various cost centers by comparing past expenses & payment will be made as per the limit
  • Periodically Sending General Ledger, P&L & Balance sheet Report to the management
  • Monitoring monthly salary report prepared by HRD.
  • Maintenance of all accounting related documents (hard copy & soft copy)
  • Maintaining all statutory records & making payments accordingly.
  • Good knowledge of MS-Excel (PIVOT TABLE, VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP)
  • Petty cash maintenance
  • Reimbursement and claims initiation
  • Receivable follow-up
  • Bank document preparation for BG, FD, TT payments etc.
  • Payments to vendor initiation
  • All statutory payments returns filing, coordinating with CA and departments if required

Additional Requirements

  • Flexible and a team player
  • Strong communication skills
  • Innovative thinker and problem solver
  • Strong cross functional expertise
  • Outstanding commitment to customer service and quality
  • Independent, proactive and self-driven with a can-do attitude

  • Mode:Permanent
  • Work Exp: 6 months to 2 years
  • CTC offered: According to market trends
  • Notice : period required Earliest
  • Job location: Bangalore
  • No. of vacancies: 1


Job Title:Human Resources Recruiter


  • Partners with management and is aware of recruitment needs both immediate and seasonal.
  • Needs to support recruitment activities to meet the needs of the business.
  • Coordinates and directs activities of pre and post recruitment process, recruitment and selection
  • Maintaining and keeping a track on the Manpower Status (Entry and Exit.)
  • Partnering with hiring managers to determine staffing needs
  • Screening resumes
  • Performing in-person and phone interviews with candidates
  • Administering appropriate company assessments
  • Performing reference and background checks
  • Making recommendations to company hiring managers
  • Coordinating interviews with the hiring managers
  • Following up on the interview process status
  • Maintaining relationships with both internal and external clients to ensure staffing goals are achieved.
  • Communicating employer information and benefits during screening process.
  • Staying current on the company’s organization structure, personnel policy, and federal and state laws regarding employment practices.
  • Completing timely reports on employment activity.
  • Conducting exit interviews on terminating employees.

  • Mode:Permanent
  • Work Exp: MBA freshers to 1 year
  • CTC offered: According to market trends
  • Notice : period required Earliest
  • Job location: Bangalore
  • No. of vacancies: 1

If interested, please email your updated resumes to hr@eldaas.com with the following info:

Current CTC:

Expected CTC:

Notice Period:

Earliest Date of Joining:


  • Job Title: PCB Design Engineer
  • Functional Area: R&D -Services
  • Primary Location: Bangalore
  • Schedule: Full-time/Part-time
  • Hire Type: Experienced
  • Travel: Yes
  • Relocation: No

Detailed Description: ELDAAS Technologies offers cutting edge PCB solutions to the global electronics players. Our specialized skills in high-speed, multi layer, mixed signals, RF PCB designing along with combined fabrication and assembly will give added value to the customers looking for one stop solutions for their PCB requirements. The successful candidate will be responsible for all aspects of PCB layout tasks including library creation, parts placement, routing, and creating final design outputs.


  • Schematic entry
  • Component footprint/library creation
  • Designing of High Speed PCBs to meet maximum performance
  • Releasing of Gerber, BOM and documentation files
  • Help resolve technical queries from PCB fabricators and contract manufacturers.


  • Knowledge of industry standards
  • Knowledge of IPC-2221/2222/7351
  • Familiarity with different PCB CAD tools - Cadence Allegro, Mentor Expedition and PADS
  • Strong background with through hole, SMT, and BGA technologies using dual-sided assemblies, and multilayer boards
  • Good understanding of PCB stackup requirements to finalize the same based on design complexity and design requirements
  • Should be able to work independently and deliver the work assignments.
  • Good expertise in DFM, DFA and DFT
  • Knowledge of various PCB design guidelines


  • B.E /B.Tech in Electronics Engineering with 1 to 2 years experience in PCB Design


  • Job Title: Technical Sales Engineer
  • Functional Area: Sales
  • Primary Location: Bangalore
  • Schedule: Full-time/Part-time
  • Hire Type: Experienced
  • Travel: Yes
  • Relocation: No

Detailed Description:The Sales team focuses on integrating ELDAAS Technologies's services into small and large businesses, educational institutions and government agencies. Consisting of high-achieving engineering, sales and marketing professionals, we work with a vast array of partners and customers to advance the company's mission of organizing the world's information to make it universally accessible and useful.

Sales Engineers have excellent technical, communication and organizational skills who will join our Enterprise sales team. You will work with the team to engage with sales prospects and partners, understand and assess customer requirements, prepare and present demonstrations of ELDAAS Technologies services, and address technical questions that arise throughout the sales process. You should be a confident presenter with excellent presentation skills and the ability to persuasively present ELDAAS Technologies's services offering. In addition, you should feel comfortable working closely with our services, support and engineering teams.


  • Engage directly with customers and partners on both technical and non-technical levels to ensure superior service as well as interact directly with key support and services personnel to resolve issues.
  • Work directly with ELDAAS Technologies's hosted application and enterprise search services to demonstrate and prototype integrations in customer environments.
  • Travel 25% to 50% required to visit customers locally and/or throughout the country.
  • Provide hands-on or virtual technical assistance, pre-sales consulting.
  • Design and communicate (verbally or electronically) technical solutions.


  • At least 1 year of experience as a sales engineer or with professional services or systems engineering.
  • In-depth knowledge of web and related technologies and security standards.
  • Understanding of enterprise content/document management repository architecture.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • A good working knowledge of MS Office tools


  • Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering or related technical major preferred.


  • Position: Sr Development Engineer-FPGA
  • Job Code: TFP1701

About Company:

ELDAAS Technologies offers cutting edge services to the global electronics players. We are specialist in PCB design, RF Design, Product Design, Consulting Services, Product Software Development, PCB Production and Assembly services which will give added value to the customers who are looking for a one-stop solution provider for all their requirements. Please visit www.eldaas.com


Responsibilities include strong FPGA design knowledge, both from a developer and project lead perspective. Must be capable of functional and architectural definition, floor-planning, simulation, implementation and verification of complex FPGA devices comprising a mix of custom RTL with hard and soft vendor IP cores. Must be able to specify performance constraints, perform static timing analysis and develop functional simulations to ensure proper implementation.


  • FPGA design and testing experience with Xilinx/Altera FPGAs
  • Experience with going through a complete FPGA design cycle from RTL to timing driven synthesis to place and route to static timing analysis
  • VHDL and Verilog Experience with RTL coding using Verilog or VHDL, both is desirable
  • PSK & QAM modulation techniques, digital filtering, error correction coding, equalization, A/D & D/A converters, digital PLL and NCO techniques.
  • Working knowledge of developing and implementing real-time DEMOD algorithms for modern modulation schemes (e.g. n-FSK, QPSK, SQPSK, QAM-x, etc.)
  • Strong working knowledge of MATLAB and DSP design is MUST
  • Experience in micro-architecture/logic design of complex blocks and subsystems, with ability to work with multiple teams to define specification and lead the design effort.
  • Expertise in ASIC/FPGA design flows including simulators, functional and code coverage tools, CDC analysis, synthesis, timing analysis and related tools
  • Working knowledge of fixed point number format.
  • Use of third party IP cores including communications and PHY cores.
  • Proficiency in design flow including items such as lint checkers, RTL/gate level simulation, synthesis, place and route
  • Experience with verification of complex RTL blocks.
  • Proficiency in developing automated self-checking test benches
  • Ability to integrate FPGA into a larger multi-processor networking system
  • Experience in video streaming and/or image processing products
  • Experience with Quartus-II or ISE or vivado design
  • Experience with SDK, Qsys or XPS is desirable
  • Strong working knowledge of TCP/IP, 802.1, 802.3, 802.11, 802.16, 802.20, 802.22
  • Strong working knowledge on high speed interfaces Ethernet, DDR3 memory, USB 2.0, SATA, PCIe and AMBA bus interface
  • Experience with Zynq SoC
  • Experience in design of Test and Measurement equipment
  • Strong background in hands-on debug and validation experience in a lab environment
  • Demonstrated ability to learn and explore new technology areas and applications
  • Knowledge of using signal processing IP core from Xilinx/Altera
  • Having the knowledge of using Matlab and simulink
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong attention to details, highly organized, computer literate
  • Ability to work well in a fast-paced professional office environment
  • Demonstrated ability to solve complex problems
  • Ability to work well in a team environment
  • Ability to multitask


  • B.E /B.Tech or M.E /M.Tech in Electronics Engineering, 4+ years of FPGA design experience.

Internship opportunities for students

We offer a number of internships each year. These are awarded to students studying for a bachelor's or master's degree, majoring in Electronic Engineering, Communication Engineering, Computer Science or related subjects. Some R&D project experience is preferred.

Why an internship?

During your studies, it is hard to have a clear idea of what everyday life in a company is like. Completing an internship in ELDAAS will give you an idea of what it's like to work in a team, to have responsibilities, to have deadlines to meet and to be part of an international company. It’s also an excellent opportunity to get an inside view into our organization and the people who work here. The professional experience you gain during an internship makes you a more valuable candidate for future jobs, add extra points to your resumé and open up more opportunities for you with us.

Successful interns are able to demonstrate rich technical knowledge of their chosen subject. We also encourage students who are flexible in their working approach and able to function effectively as part of a team. Excellent communication skills are essential. Students are also expected to be fluent in English.

Our Internship programmes can benefit from mentoring, coaching and side-by-side work with knowledgeable and experienced experts in their field. The objective is real hands-on work assignments on projects related to your major, and, of course, to gain valuable job experience. Internships are not for a fixed duration. However, most last for a period of 3-6 months.

If you are interested with the Internship opportunities please send your detailed resumé with Subject Line as "Internship/Name/Batch" to campus_career@eldaas.com or Search for open Internship positions >


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Fraudulent Employment Disclaimer

It has come to Eldaas attention that individuals misrepresenting themselves as Eldaasagents or representatives have offered fraudulent employment opportunities with the intent to steal personal information or solicit money from people wanting to work for us. Eldaasdoes not employee any third party agents or representatives for recruitment and handles all recruitments “directly” through career portal or through email id of our recruiter which will include recruiters name and “@eldaas.com” email address.

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